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Check Out these 5 Thorough Steps of Recycling a Car

Auto-recycling has become a trend among people, thanks to the green movement. But, the question is, how is the procedure of recycling car undertaken? The answer to this query lies hidden in the various parts of a car that can be recycled.

The truth is, almost 90% of an old or damaged car can be recovered. Windshield glass, tires, steel & iron, batteries, radiators, wheels, rubber hoses, transmissions, car seats, carpets, mats, oil filters and belts among others can be recycled.

Recycled parts are put to various uses in different industries. While recycled glass is utilized for making glass beads, tile flooring, jewelry, countertops or more; recycled tires are used as pavement bases of roads.

Find the Steps Involved in Car Recycling

When a car reaches the junkyard, the car recycling experts inspect it thoroughly to check if it is worth repairing or needs to be recycled. Once, the expert assures himself or herself that repairing the car is going to be less profitable than recycling it, the below-mentioned steps follow suit.

Get rid of engine fluids

A recycling expert removes the fluid in the car to speed up the recycling process. Fluids like, gas, oil, transmission, antifreeze and brake fluids are some of the liquids removed from a car.

The removal process can assist the junkyard owner in ensuring the safety of its staff and clients. The absence of vehicle fluid decreases the instances of fires that might cause damage to the yard. Oil and gas are filtered and used later.

Dismantle the parts

The parts that can be used are first removed and then cleaned. The transmission, car engine, batteries and tires are removed from the chassis. The removed parts are either sold or recycled.


Once the reusable, as well as, the non-reusable parts are removed, the remaining body of the car is put into a shredder where the ferrous and non-ferrous fragments are segregated, with the help of magnet.

Combine the scrap metal, with other metals

Now, that the recycling plant has the scrap metal, it mixes the former with other metals to ensure strength and power. This mixture is then sent to manufacturers for building a new frame.

Sent to manufacturer

The auto manufacturing company uses the metal, mixed with non-metal to come up with a new line of cars. This process of using recycled metal is useful as it is less expensive than buying new metals. Another way, in which this method assists in controlling pollution is the reduced emission at the manufacturing plants.

Vehicle recycling is a long-drawn and meticulous process involving the expertise of several people in each field. If you have an old and end-of-life vehicle, call a car removal agency to inspect and tow your car to the junkyard in the lieu of money.

The experts involved in recycling cars at the junkyard will follow every technical step to remove liquid, dismantle parts and shred the remaining scrap in a vehicle shredding machine. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and send your car old or damaged car for recycling. Below are the list of companies based in Sydney that offers such services: